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kwietnia 2021

How-To: Money Piece – Precision Lightening and Perfect Toning

The Money Piece is here to stay, and it’s no surprise after its huge popularity across social media last year! In this edition of Newsflash, Global Ambassador Paddy McDougall shows us his take on this trendy colour placement, using our new Blonde Expert Lightener and Pastel range to achieve that super-light high contrast money piece. As featured in the step-by-step, precision in the application of lightener is key. Good product saturation, as well as thin sectioning, will guarantee a very clean lift on the hair. And of course, isolation with foils is important to ensure the developer achieves the desired lightness – and to avoid bleeding of the lightener onto the rest of the hair! The active components within Blonde Expert Hair-Bond Technology deeply penetrate the hair fiber, creating a protective layer around the natural bonds to protect them from breakage, for a great quality hair result. Finally, a toning service with Blonde Expert Pastels is a must to complete the look! Paddy toned the hair with his desired Pastel shade to create this beautiful colour result. The product can be applied on damp or dry hair and should be checked by the eye for the best results. This service is an excellent way to introduce a striking change to your client’s look without the commitment of changing their full head of hair – you can find the full step-by-step

Paddy McDougall INDOLA Global Amabassador