Andy has travelled the world educating others and passing on his knowledge. Alongside his current role as Indola Global Ambassador, Andy is the Creative Director at Chelsea Green hair salon in Chelsea, London. And you can find him there when he's not busy with editorials, shows and seminars being held around the globe.

Chelsea Green Salon

Inspiration Wall

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Folk Touch

"It’s organic, rustic with earthy colours, which pair perfectly with hand woven naturally dyed cotton accessories."

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Civil Society

"This nonconformist attitude is reflected asthetically by a punk, raver and DIY style. Best worn with biker jackets and platform shoes."

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Favourite spot for #streetstyle inspiration

"Brick Lane London!"


What does authenticity mean for you?

"Real authentic people or people that we can all relate to they inspire us and we want to learn from them."


How do customers get inspired nowadays?

"Customers nowadays get inspired by their stylus that give them options and ideas also through social media and the celebrity networks."