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maja 2021

How-To: Grey Blending with Blonde Expert Highlifts

In this edition of Newsflash, Ambassador Abbey Jarrold shows us how to create a T-section highlight pattern, using Blonde Expert Highlifts, to create an ultra-blended result that further illuminates blonde hair. With Grey Blending being highly sought after by clients in the salon, this technique works to help you colour match greys to already blonde bases – without needing lightener! Blonde Expert Ultra Blonde 1000.0+ Blend provides up to 4 levels of lift and up to 80% white hair blending, suitable for natural levels 6 and lighter, with more than 30% white hair. As grey hair does not grow equally across the head, Abbey mixed and matched the Blonde Expert Highlifts portfolio to adapt to the different volumes of grey hair in order to create an even colour. Lastly, our favourite tip for the perfect colour – combine Blonde Expert Special Blonde colours with Blonde Expert Pastel to create a super customised blonde result with unique pastel nuances! You can find out more about this technique, along with the video

Andy Smith INDOLA Global Amabassador